What if College was more like Y Combinator?

Startup Accelerator & People Accelerator

Make School’s two founders, Jeremy Rossmann and Ashu Desai, graduated from Y Combinator in ’13. Y Cominbator (or just YC) is a startup accelerator, meaning young, startup companies apply to their program and a small number are accepted. YC takes a small equity stake in those companies and then YC does everything they can to make them runaway successes including giving them ~$100k in seed funding.

What if Y Combinator was the model for the university of the future?

What if instead of accelerating companies, an institution accelerated people and their careers?

The Product College at Make School (or just PC)

3 years ago Jeremy and Ashu decided to create the Product College at Make School a college in the image of Y Combinator.



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Educator, Founder, Engineer. Interested in Evidence Based Education and Solving BIG Problems.