The Metta Sutta — or On Kindness

The Metta Sutta — or On Kindness

This is how a good person should act —
one who truly walks the path of peace —
who is able and honest, and upright;
who is precise and tender in speech, and not arrogant;
who is content, and easily tolerated;
who carries few burdens, and lives simply;
whose appetites are plain, and wisdom pragmatic;
who is not obnoxious or sarcastic, and generous with family,
and who never does anything to earn criticism from the wise.

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

Notes on Translation

A more stilted version — here is a more literal, stilted version of the first few lines:

Here are some choices I made

A good person — The first three stanzas are a description of santa or a good or virtuous person — here translated very simply for accessibility as “a good person”.



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