5 Simple Steps to Make Sites that Sell


This may seem strange, but when people land on your website, they actually don’t know what you are selling. You have to tell them. And you can’t leave anything to chance. After a few seconds on your site, people will be in one of three situations:

  1. They will be confused about what you are selling
  2. They won’t be sure what you are selling
  3. They will be certain of what you are selling


People like to have money, and they don’t like to part with it unless it will improve their lives. When you are writing the copy and designing the images, experience, and videos of a website you must communicate the value of your product or service. Value for most people boils down to three things:

  1. Make or save money
  2. Save time
  3. Achieve their goals/dreams

Social Proof

Nothing sells like success. A powerful, essentially necessary, part of good website copy is evidence that other people use and like this product or service. This is called “social proof”.

  1. “Seen in the news” section with articles
  2. 5-star reviews
  3. Written or video customer or client testimonials
  4. Thriving social media
  5. Testimonials or endorsements from leaders or famous people


This one is really important but it is actually more about how people arrive at your site than what you put on it, per se.


Last but not least, urgency. Visitors to your site might have context, see the value, understand with certainty what you are selling, and believe in your social proof, but then just sort of shrug and say “meh, maybe later.” Putting urgency into your website fixes this impulse to just wait till later.



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