New Law Threatens to End Californian Housing Crisis (SB827)

Contact your state representative today about SB827

SACRAMENTO, CA — Over a dozen Californian home owners’ associations sent a joint letter to the California state Senate and the League of Californian Cities today to warn those bodies that a new bill — SB827 — threatens to turn every Californian city into an affordable, walkable urban wonderland. “Yes, SB827 would severely lower the price to own or rent a place to live,” Roger Willcocks the president of Modesto Home Owner’s Association said in a statement. “And thereby ruin my constituents’ way of making a lot of money by doing almost no work at all.” Also in the letter, the home owners warn that the transit-oriented development law — SB827 — will ruin the decades-long housing shortage that blissfully enriches all Californians who already own a home before 1997. The letter also mentions that SB827 threatens to eliminate the historic car traffic and pollution that makes Californian cities famous the world over. The letter ends with an impassioned call to all Californians who like “to sit in an hour of traffic each morning and night” and who support “insulating home and property owners from demands for an affordable place to live from the young, sick, elderly, middle class, and poor” should share the warning about SB827 with their neighbors and contact their local state senators and representatives and urge them to fight SB827.

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