Can We Make Teams Psychologically Safe? — Introducing Restorative Management.

Restorative Management:

Restorative Management (RM) is a pattern of HR practices and mid-level and executive management techniques to build teams that are productive. RM techniques do not replace formal project and team management such as deadlines, meetings, etc, but offer norms and concrete team and 1:1 processes to support psychological safety, and thereby increase a team’s productivity, creativity, and success.

How RM Works

Restorative Management has two major axes that it operates on:

  1. Informal practices vs. Formal practices
  2. Establishing psychological safety vs. Restoring it

Building Psychological Safety

Psychological safety is not a given in every team when it starts. It is something that must be built up inside the team.

Restoring Psychological Safety

Sometimes psychological safety is broken or ruptured due to particular events or people. RM provides discrete formal and informal practices to restore pyschological safety when it is damaged.

  1. What happened?
  2. What were you thinking at the time and what have you thought since?
  3. (those harmed) — What has been the hardest thing for you about this?
  4. (wrong-doer) — Who has been effected by your actions? In what ways?
  5. What needs to happen now to make things right?
Some Psychologically Safe Googlers



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