How to Craft a Brief, Powerful Pitch

  1. The Problem
  2. How People Solve it Today
  3. Your Solution
  4. Its Benefits
  5. Call to Action (investment, apply, sign up, etc)

Doesn’t Start with the Solution

Most people make the mistake of leaping right to their solution. This is a huge mistake because people don’t know what you are talking about and get confused. Also when people come on strong, we all tend to get doubtful and start faultfinding.

Starting with the Problem Grounds Your Audience

Instead, when you start with your problem, people become clear about what you are talking about and become curious and open. Remember that you think about your project all the time, but the person you are pitching has literally no idea what you are talking about at first.

Listing Current Solutions Builds Credibility

Why should your audience trust you? If you are just some person with an idea, they will be skeptical. Making a good laundry list of the present solutions to the problem builds a ton of credibility with your audience and further opens them for when you do share with them your novel solution.

End with Benefits, Not Features

A benefit is not a feature. I’m going to say that again



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