Fareed Zakaria’s In Defense of a Liberal Education

A Brief History of Liberal Arts

Attacks from Left, Right, and Center

Strong Offense, Weak Defense

The Original Meaning of Liberal Education

The timeless definition of a liberal education was defined by Aristotle as an education that is worthy of a free person.

What Education is NOT Worthy of a Free Person

  • You are 22 and have $28,000 in debt and no marketable skills
  • You are 16 and you dropping out of high school
  • You are 27 and you are a PhD candidate making less than minimum wage as a TA and research assistant.
  • You are unaware of where the country of Iraq is (and how many years the US has occupied it)
  • Your opinions are parroted from Fox News or MSNBC
  • You are able to support yourself financially and have enough means to take some financial risks
  • It is difficult to manipulate you and you can identify a scam and avoid it
  • You can list five things that humans do not know yet (e.g. what is gravity, why we sleep, what dark matter is, etc)
  • You can appreciate or you practice some aspect of art or culture



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