Alternatives to the UBI for the Impending Unemployment Apocalypse

Selling Your Car: $700/month

“Average car ownership costs were $8,469 a year, or about $706 a month, in 2017, according to AAA.” (Nerdwallet).

  1. Transit Oriented Development (TOD) — putting housing on the same block as stores and offices (Video explanation with smooth jazz saxophone)
  2. Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) — Faster busses that run almost like above ground subways. Video
  3. Light Rail
  4. Protected Bike Lanes

Medicare for All: $440/month

With a Medicare for All program, experts project that 70% of people would use Medicare for All.

Increase National Housing Supply: $500/month

By far the biggest opportunity for savings for people is to increase the housing supply to reduce the rents and monthly costs of housing.



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