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5 Easy (Critical) Parts of Copy that Converts

So you want to make a website for your product or service. What should go on your landing page? How should you communicate with your customers? There are lots of answers to this question, but over about 15 years of building high…

Do Agile and Lean not work as you expected in your organization? Most people are missing a critical piece of the puzzle. (Keep reading or BUY THE BOOK).

Five years ago, Tim’s company started to pay some serious lip service to being “lean.” It had started after management and HR…

The seventh reason will surprise you!

Politics is frightening in the U.S. right now. People are talking about secession. In a University of Virginia Poll found that 4 in 10 Biden voters and 5 in 10 Trump voters at least somewhat agree with diviidng the country along Red and Blue…

4 Simple steps

Bing* goes the bell. The elevator door closes. You have roughly 30 seconds to pitch your project. What do you do?

Here’s a simple answer:

  1. The Problem
  2. How People Solve it Today
  3. Your Solution
  4. Its Benefits
  5. Call to Action (investment, apply, sign up, etc)

For example:


How progressives platform right wing agendas through their speech

TLDR — We’ve made enormous progress in the development of racial and gender inclusive language in the past twenty years, but now we must focus on the language of economic equity.

No Democrat in their right mind would utter the words…

How to end procrastination and take the first step towards becoming a productivity barracuda

“I am such a procrastinator”

“How does Jess get so much done?”

“I’m struggling to meet my goals.”

“I get so distracted. Maybe I have ADHD or something!”

If you’ve heard yourself saying or thinking these…

Three Metrics-Driven Steps to Build a Successful Business

I remember cracking the bright blue, hardcover, first edition copy of The Lean Startup by Eric Reis in 2012. …

Medicare For All means more than you think and is a pragmatic answer to how to effectively transform public safety in this country

The call to “Defund the Police” is a righteous one, but one that commentators and spectators have 1) a hard time understanding and 2) a hard time…

A New and Practical Solution to Improving Education

It is my job to convince you, dear reader, of a simple but profoundly beneficial plan to improve education in the US and around the world. …

How to be kind and virtuous in complex times

We shut down most of society because of an outbreak of COVID-19. However, new data shows that COVID-19 is only 2–3x more dangerous than the seasonal flu and, in retrospect, blanket shelter-in-place orders were an overreaction. …


Educator, Founder, Engineer. Interested in Evidence Based Education and Solving BIG Problems.

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