29 Reasons NOT to go to Law School (and Become a Software Developer Instead)

Law school is the NEXT LOGICAL STEP. Its the only way to pay back the debt from your prestigious (read ‘expensive’) liberal arts degree. Plus, being a lawyer is becoming a superhero. You are a physical incarnation of the THE LAW. You get a new identity as “an attorney”. A new lifestyle full of suits and sparkling water. A new addition to your name: “Esquire” like you’re a freaking 14th century knight. You can help the good guys and put away the bad guys. You can give people advice at some of the most critical times of their lives. And you can make a lot of money. A LOT OF MONEY! You basically are like a small god among mortals.

Yes. Yes, you did law school. Yes, you did.

Instead, Become a Software Developer

Time and $$$ — What it Takes to Become a Software Developer

Ok — now 29 NOT to go to Law School and Become a Software Developer Instead!



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