10 Words Progressives Should Never Say

Balancing Moral Language with Pragmatic Language

“Tax Breaks”

  • Tax Loopholes
  • Tax Dodges
  • Public Theft
  • Raiding the Treasury

“Tax Hikes” / “Increase Taxes”

  • Raising Public Funds
  • Raising Funds for Working People
  • Public Wealth for Public Good

“Capitalism” / “Socialism”

  • “We are going to build an economy that works for working people” — Nina Turner.
  • “In this country we have socialism for the rich, and rugged individualism for everyone else” — Bernie (this one uses the ‘isms’ but it forces the right onto their back foot bc they have to now make an account for socialism and capitalism).

“Entitlements” & “Welfare Programs”

  • Prosperity Programs
  • Public Goods Programs
  • Social Infrastructure Programs

“Class Warfare”

  • Poverty-to-Prosperity Flywheel — “Relieving student debt will drive a Poverty-to-Prosperity Flywheel”
  • Class Cutting Programs — “The advantages of Medicare4All cut across class.”
  • A Tide that Raises All Ships


  • Social democrats are the party of job creation, not republicans or corporate democrats
  • Social democrats are the party of economic growth

“Minimum Wage”

  • Living Wage
  • Wages of Essential Workers

“Economic Growth”

  • Medicare for all would cause a boom in entrepreneurship, small business hiring, and even corporate profits
  • Relieving student debt would cause a boom in home buying
  • A green new deal would put American companies at the forefront of the post-fossil fuel energy market (worth trillions of dollars)




Educator, Founder, Engineer. Interested in Evidence Based Education and Solving BIG Problems.

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Educator, Founder, Engineer. Interested in Evidence Based Education and Solving BIG Problems.

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